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welcome to roadstuff

12TimeAge CD

Founded in 1979, twice reformed in 2000, and currently in hibernation -
but new songs already lolling on our hard drives.
Here we provide information about the band Roadstuff from Hamburg,
from the beginning to the present. We also inform you about projects of individual band members.

the album ‘12TimeAge’

Our 2004 produced CD with 45 minutes of playing time continues to get as download. For example, at iTunes. We got a few audio samples under tracks.

bipolar records

we also have a few real cds

Those who prefer to have the album physically, in order to turn pages in the enclosed booklet during the playback of uncompressed sounds, may continue to access it without reservation.
The distribution has now adopted the label bipolar.


we proudly present

Roadstuff’ becomes ‘Razorking’: Two members of Roadstuff started a new music project in 2010, which has now established itself as a band in the Hamburg area. Details [coming soon] at newstuff.

and as usual

You can send messages to us simply via contact an uns senden.
Thank you very much!