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our story

Roadstuff was founded in the Summer of 1979. Before breaking up it consisted of various band members.

the first formation

The first formation with Thommy D. on vocals, Michael M. and Martin W. on guitars, Thomas K. on bass guitar and Michael D. on drums was very active.

The band performed at many hip clubs and public events in Hamburg like the ‘Fabrik’, ‘Markthalle’, ‘Grünspan’, ‘Stairways’, ‘Big Apple’ or the ‘Knust’. Also, in the surrounding area of Hamburg like the ‘Auenland’ the band had a lot of gigs.

During the first formation of the band Michael M. was temporarily replaced by Gerald W. (‘Preacher’) - co-founder of the popular heavy metal band ‘Running Wild’ from Hamburg.

second formation

The second formation only stayed together for a short time . Thommy D. and Michael M. were replaced by Martin A. (vocals) and Ronald G. (guitar).

After that a deep-rooted change followed.

the third formation

At the following third formation Thomas K. changed to the guitar, Jost S. replaced him on bass guitar and Thommy D. did the vocals again.
First on drums was Michael D. again, followed by Carsten R. and later by Kay S.

fourth formation

During the fourth formation, after a musical change into the pop-rock genre with one keyboard-player and two female singers, the band was buried in 1984.

Totally, there were only two songs produced. Afterwards, the different band members played with other bands and finally got out of sight.

years later

Purely by chance, the original members Thommy D. and Thomas K. met again at the end of December 2000 at ‘Logo’ in Hamburg. Both were still more or less active in the music business.

After a joint musical session the project Roadstuff was revived. Again with a change because of Thommy D. who had become a drummer in the meantime.

With the idea to get a new group together and produce a CD a new Roadstuff era began.

2004 — the first Roadstuff CD

Finally, in the year of 2004 the CD ‘12TimeAge’ was born with the help of Birgit ‘Leo’ Köhn (vocals), Thommy (drums, perc. & keys) and Thomas (guitar and bass).
Additionally, as guest musicians we had Andreas Razum(keys), Thorsten Gudewitz (piano, organ, keys) and Gabi Pilhofer (violin and cello).
After the project, Birgit Köhn moved to Kiel and, therefore, is not with us anymore.
Go for it, Leo!

2005 — Roadstuff live again

In order to be on stage again we formed a real live band.

As a singer we found Anni Wttscherek who with her young and fresh manner was more than a substitute for Leo.
We got a ‘real’ bass player with Michael Stockhusen.
Now, Thomas K. could completely concentrate on his guitar and keyboards. Thommy D. was still active with drums and percussion.

In September 2005 we had our 25th anniversary which we celebrated with a big party and the only gig in this formation.

In the meantime Anni and Michael have left the band because of lack of time. We wish them all our best!

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