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miscellaneous stuff from roadstuff...

...and from others about Roadstuff. Here you will find general information, pointing out a good press and some little curiosity. Let yourself be surprised!

March of 2006: Thommy and his drums are still fine...

The edition 3-2006 of the magazine Drumheads!! on page 56:
In the category ‘Show Me Your Kids’ is a great article about Thommy‘s acryl drumset.
By the end of this year we will know if Thommy will win the first prize.

September of 2005: The Roadstuff Anniversary Celebration

Finally, on September 10th we had our 25th Roadstuff anniversary celebration. This great party was the one and only gig with Anni and Michael.
The pictures can be seen here...

You can see video-clips from our ‘25 Years Of Roadstuff’ anniversary gig under tracks.

September of 2004: A review from Stefan Schelle

Very new is a comprehensive review from Stefan Schelle. So, go ahead and read his opinion about the ‘12TimeAge’ CD.

August of 2004: The review of has posted a real expressive statement in the internet.

June of 2004: CD review of Progressive Newsletter

In June of 2004 the Progressive Newsletter does an extensive review about our CD ‘12TimeAge’. Here is more....

May of 2004: Thommy’s little drummer selection

On this page we would like to present you some pictures of Thommy’s percussion instruments.
These are originals on a scale of 1:8. Every set is hand-made and therefore a true unique specimen.

April of 2004: CD review of the german ‘Oldie-Market’

We are happy about the short introduction of our CD ‘12TimeAge’ done by the record collectors magazine Oldie-Markt. They were the first ones who gave a report on our CD.

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